Health Department Could Soon Participate in ACE Network

An agreement will be written that would eventually allow the Knox County Health Department’s Health Center to participate in the last of the state Medicaid innovations.

That’s according to discussion during last night’s Knox County Board of Health Meeting. The group invited representatives of OSF Healthcare to discuss “Accountable Care Entities.”

Legislation was approved that requires 50-percent of Medicaid clients to be in managed care in seven months.

OSF is participating with eight other care systems to form the Illinois Partnership for Health.

Senior Vice President of Managed Care Mary Breeden says it’s important the Federally Qualified Health Center’s be part of the network.

“The members are coming to the FQHC’s now and since they’re the ones that are either going to choose their primary care physician or be assigned, we want to ensure the FQHC is in the network and ready for the moment when the open enrollment period begins,” says Breeden.

The program will eventually allocated funds and allow the health systems to assume the costs for managed patient care at some point in the future.

Breeden says the state will be sharing data to help the systems manage once they are “at risk.”

The Knox County Health Department believes they will soon have an agreement indicating their willingness to participate as a Federally Qualified Health Center in about 30 days.

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