Weekend Event Raising Funds to Battle Sex Slavery

An event on Saturday will educate the public about human trafficking and sex slavery.
The subject, which is often not at the forefront of people’s minds, will provide information about how sex trafficking affects communities all over the world through the group Asha for Life.
Modern slavery is considered a fast growing endeavor with only the illegal sale of drugs and weapons bringing in more money than the sale of humans for sex.
In support of the fight against human sex trafficking, those in attendance will look to raise funds with the aid of band performances and a proclamation by Galesburg Mayor John Pritchard.
ASHA for Life President Tom Colclasure tells the WGIL Morning News that residents need to learn to recognize the signs and the symptoms of modern slavery.

“It’s really easy to see it in Mumbai India because it’s out in the open. There’s 200,000 woman and girls living in a red light district, 200,000 in one area and everybody knows what that area is for and these are children, a lot of them are children. So you can see that pretty easily. Now here everything is under ground, the Mafia hides its assets and hides its property very well.”

A safe house could be constructed in the area if negotiations with the Cook County Human Trafficking Task Force come to fruition.
It would host international girls that have been smuggled into the country as well as American girls tricked into the lifestyle.
Should the location be constructed, psychological, health, and other treatment would be administered in addition to providing skills training to the girls affected.
The event will be held at Azer Clinic this Saturday.



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