Funding for Silas Willard School Construction Before School Board Tonight

205logobwThe Galesburg School District tonight will officially have a better idea of how to pay for construction of a building planned to replace an aging elementary school.

The District-205 Board tonight will consider issuing about $20 million  in bonds to pay for the construction of Silas Willard Elementary School.

Plans had been ongoing for at least a year to replace the existing structure, but stalled in recent months amid concerns from various school board members.

But construction managers had urged the board make a definitive decision one way or another. If approved, roughly $12 million will be financed through alternate revenue bonds, while over $7 million more will come from fire prevention and safety bonds.

A public hearing will be held at the start of tonight’s school board meeting, so that the public — members of whom have claimed in the past they haven’t had input — can provide some.  The board will vote on the measure later in the meeting.

The board tonight will also vote on whether to sell Cooke Elementary School when it closes later this month. And, the district will honor retirees this evening, all with a meeting being held at Lincoln School starting at seven o’clock.

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