Local Representative Looks to Update Loan Program

Don MoffittLike with any job making sure your equipment is up-to-date is key.

For a fire department, ensuring you have trucks that run is important, but the price of trucks has gone up significantly over the years.

Back in 2003, a program was started giving fire departments a 20-year, interest free loan for up to $250-thousand.

However, 74th District State Representative Don Moffitt says that amount just won’t cut it.

“The cost of trucks certainly have gone up over this 10-year period, 11-year period since we first put this into place, a basic pumper tanker truck is probably going to cost 300-thousand plus today whereas 250[-thousand] was adequate when we put this into place,” says Moffitt.

Moffitt introduced legislation into the House which will change how much the state’s Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program can provide.

Currently the program caps the loans at $250-thousand, but the new legislation would raise that amount by $100-thousand.

The measure is now headed to the full House for consideration.

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