Prayer Decisions Persist Despite Court Decision

galesburgA decision by the United State Supreme Court will not affect the way in which the Galesburg City Council meetings are opened.

The decision came last week when the Court decided to rule to allow Greece, New York to continue holding primarily Christian prayers at their City Council meetings.

The Galesburg City Council, meanwhile, considered the issue briefly after a member of the audience requested the prayers be more inclusive toward other religions.

At the time, Aldermen were awaiting the Court’s decision, but now a few aldermen have suggested the Council should still consider opening the prayer to more religious practices.

Fourth Ward Alderwoman Corine Andersen tells WGIL she’s not in a position to say how she would vote on the issue were it to come to that, saying she needs to hear what constituents would say.

“I think [opinions are] going to be all over the board,” Andersen said.  “Although there might be a majority of Christians who might make a comment or take a side, I think that we’re ignoring the other religious and non-religious elements of the community.”

Aldermen have said they have heard some, but not much about the issue from their constituents.

Anderson says there are ways you can make the prayer more encompassing.

The Council is not slated to take up the matter at this time, but a few aldermen have said it should be considered further.

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