Liquor Advisory Commission’s Festival Ordinance Heads to Sub-Committee

For the past 13 months the Galesburg Liquor Advisory Commission has been working on creating a festival ordinance for the City of Galesburg.
They’ve spent time looking at other city’s festival ordinances in an effort to get an outline for their own.

In an effort to speed up results and better design the festival ordinance to the needs of Galesburg a sub-committee was formed.

Commission Chair Curt Kramer says working with a smaller group could help get over some of the hurdles they’ve run into with the ordinance language.

“Say for example here we go again on Seminary street, it seems to be the favorite street in Galesburg, but if we choose to do that you would have to have something in the ordinance that would override they already existing ordinance. I mean that’s something legal would obviously have to look at to see how we would have to word that.”

Commissioner Adam Vitale told Kramer he thinks it’s a great idea, but want’s to make sure it’s a means to an end.

He says as a whole the commission has put a lot of time into getting the framework for the ordinance and doesn’t want to just “keep the wheels spinning.”

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