School Board Approves Policy Revisions Despite Concerns

boardpicThe policies were approved, but not without questioning by the District 205 Board of Education.

Those recommendations were made by the Illinois Association of School Boards and were considered by the board at their previous meeting. Under one of the policies, those in possession of a valid concealed carry permit would be allowed to carry a weapon into the parking lot of school property.

Legal counsel was asked by the district to review the policies to understand if there are options to strengthen the District’s firearm policies.

Board Member Tom Colclasure says he doesn’t find these particular state laws reasonable.

“People can have guns in their trunks on our school property?” says Colclasure. “To me that’s just ridiculous and that’s a law that needs to be revisited by our faithful servants in Springfield, I think.”

In addition to the firearm policy, the possession of medical cannabis would also be disallowed on school grounds. The board considered whether students being treated with cannabis for medical ailments could simply use it prior to being on school grounds.

Newly elected School Board President Michael Panther says there are reasons patients may need to use medical cannabis.

“Do those people in those cases, do they need to take it at school?” says Panther. “I mean, as far as the prescription goes if they have a prescription, or can they take it in the morning, or can they go home?”

Both policies were approved unanimously.

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