School Board Resolves to Sell Cooke Elementary

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

Members of the Galesburg School Board approved a resolution last night allowing for the sale of Cooke Elementary.

The school was recently recommended for closure during this year’s budget talks – something that caused community discussions in both the City and area non-profits.

The District 205 Administration says the school was in violation of the state’s 70/30 rule which involves special education ratios.

During the announcement, the district said some teachers would be moved to neighboring schools along with the students.

The School Board, last night, took another step forward; not only resolving to sell the property, but to discuss it’s minimum sale price.

Included in the resolution was a finding that the site is no longer needed for school and educational use.

The property will now undergo a bidding process that will ultimately lead to the sale.

The minimum bid was discussed in closed door executive session last night.

Board of Education members approved a resolution authorizing the sale unanimously.

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