Budget Amendments Reflect Current Fundraising Outcomes

Amendments to the District 205 budget were recommended for display during this week’s Galesburg School Board meeting.

The District expected a deficit in its operating funds of about 2.1-million dollars, however, that figure is now in excess of $3.6-million. According to district documents, the original budget for this fiscal year showed 1-million dollars in revenue from donations earmarked to support Operation Rebuild Achievement.

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations David Black says the budget is not a true reflection of what has been generated.

“The committee continues to actively work on securing significant donations, however, this money has not materialized for fiscal year ’14 and frankly I should not have allowed it to go through as part of the budget as a revenue source, I just didn’t catch it,” says Black.

The district administration is blaming the original deficit on financing master facilities construction projects.

With approval of the changes, budgets will go on display and will come back to the board for final approval at a future date.

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