Community Relations Commission Looking to Educate the Community About Commonly Used Phrases

Have you ever stopped and thought about the origin of the works you use in everyday conversations?
Phrases like “That’s so Gay”, or “Low man on the totem pole” are thrown around without any thought, but when the phrases where originally created they were used as a way to demoralize a race, religion or someone’s sexual orientation.
That’s why the Galesburg Community Relations Commission is compiling a list of commonly used phrases with negative origins and sharing them with the public.
Commission Chair John Hunigan told Commissioners there’s a word missing from the pamphlet that’s still being used despite efforts to erase it from our vocabulary.

“Le’ts say for instance ‘retarded’ you know that officially, thanks [to a law] called Roses Law has officially been removed from all federal literature.”

Commissioner Carrie McKillip, who’s working on the pamphlet, told the commission there was a number of words an phrases that could be added.
McKillip explained she’d like to get a series of education pamphlets going in an effort to keep the community informed.



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