Kilgore: Ashamed But Should Be Allowed to Teach

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — University of Illinois instructor and 1970s-era radical James Kilgore says he is ashamed of his actions as a younger man but shouldn’t be barred from teaching.

Kilgore told University of Illinois trustees Wednesday that he has tried to move beyond his membership in the Symbionese Liberation Army. He said he is well suited to advise students on avoiding the destructive path he took.

Kilgore served time in prison for his role in a 1975 bank robbery in which a housewife died.
A university committee is now reviewing whether Kilgore can continue teaching after he says he was told he would lose his position.

He has said the issue is a threat to academic freedom.

Trustee and former prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said the decision has nothing to do with academic freedom.

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