Nursing Home Projects Move Forward

The Knox County Building Committee continues to work on projects affecting the County’s Nursing Home.

The company slated to repair the facility’s parking lot is now under contract with a pre-construction meeting scheduled for early June. Work will be done over the course of several weekends to minimize the impact on both staff and visitors.

Even so, the $40-thousand to $50-thousand project was awarded after one of the bidding companies made a mistake on their application.

Knox County Owner’s Representative Donnie Gladfelter says the company will need to sit down and work out a schedule.

“They’ve got a lot of events going on in the weekend,” says Gladfelter. “That job was bid to work only on the weekends, you know, to do the accesability of it with everybody in and out of there all the time.”

Preliminary drawings for replacing the ceiling in the kitchen of the Knox County Nursing Home are also nearing completion. The ceiling was cited by the state of Illinois on a surprise visit and Gladfelter says the project could go out to bid in June.

The Nursing Home is in good standing with the state after informing them the project is preparing to be bid.

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