Attorney General Candidate Addresses Tea Party

PaulSchimpfA candidate for Illinois Attorney General this November stopped in Galesburg, Wednesday night.

Paul Schimpf is a former staff judge advocate in the United States Marine Corps and says a credentialed outsider can challenge Lisa Madigan. While he says the “political experts” have said he has no chance, Schimpf told members of the Galesburg Area Tea Party he has overcome challenges before.

If elected, Schimpf says fighting corruption in Illinois would be his top priority. He says the state deserves more from the Attorney General’s office.

“If you want somebody to actually come in with a clean, independent slate and do something about corruption, it’s got to be somebody like me,” says Schimpf. “It can’t be somebody who has spent the last 15 years in Springfield making deals and owing favors.”

The candidate returned to Southern Illinois where he grew up last year after working in the Pentagon. He has also served as an advisor during the trial of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Schimpf says he was not recruited by the Republican Party for his campaign for Attorney General.

“I think people are starting to recognize that the status quo is just not working,” says Schimpf. “We’ve tried the Republican insiders, we’ve tried the Democratic insiders, people are ready to pick their candidates based on competence and message, not connections and money.”

Schimpf says voters have to ask themselves if Illinois is more-corrupt or less-corrupt in the last 12 years. Members of the Tea Party questioned Schimpf on his stances toward voter fraud, loyalty to the Constitution, and balanced budgets.

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