Carl Sandburg College Celebrates GED Graduates

cscged2014graduationnIt was more than just a graduation ceremony, for many it was the start of a new beginning.
Carl Sandburg College held it’s 44th annual GED Commencement, proudly honoring those who decided it was time to go back to school and take the General Educational Development exam.
Almost every student in attendance would say it wasn’t an easy road and for some it took many years to finally graduate, but in the end being able to say they did it was all that mattered.
Graduate Ashli Muth tells WGIL her motivations for getting her GED were more personal, saying she wanted to be a better role model for her daughter.

“I don’t want her to, to look back and kinda be like, well you didn’t do it. You know I want her to know that she can, that she can be better than me, but at the same time I didn’t give up, I went back and I did it and now I’m in college too. I want her to know she can do whatever she wants to do even if it takes some time.”

Muth says she’s taking online classes in order to get her Bachelors in Business and Human Resources.
She says it’s not just about being able to obtain a better job, it’s more about being able to better yourself.


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