Henry County Plant Fined Again By OSHA

(2009 WGIL News File Photo)

A Henry County manufacturer that deals with pet food is being fined for the second time in two years — nearly for the same thing it was fined for the first time.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration says it’s proposing a 254-thousand dollar fine against the owners of the All-Feed Processing and Packaging Plant in Galva.

OSHA says inspectors from its Peoria office showed up at the plant for an inspection last November following an alleged complaint, and found a total of six violations — one of which was repeat.

They say five of the violations relate to exposing workers to pea flower dust, which is combustible and could cause an explosion under the right conditions. Related to that, OSHA says, the plant allegedly failed to install a dust collection system.

The dust could also cause respiratory problems.

In addition to the dust problem, they the plant still hasn’t established a testing plan to determine if conditions over an eight-hour period are too loud.

This is not the first time OSHA has fined All-Feed. They say a fine was levied in 2012 for not allowing inspectors in the facility in mid-2011.

An explosion was reported at the plant in 2009, at which time dust was also believed to be blamed. The plant was also subject to fines prior to the explosion.

Attempts to contact All-Feed officials were unsuccessful.

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