Officials Tout Area Benefits of New Monmouth Facility Being Built

5-16-14 Cloverleaf 1Galesburg’s top elected officials says the city stands to benefit from a project that will result in 150 jobs being added at first to Monmouth.
Mayor and WGIL owner John Pritchard was on hand in Monmouth Friday for the ground-breaking of the Cloverleaf Cold Storage Facility that will service the Farmland Foods plant in Monmouth. Pritchard says some of the employees of Farmland live in Galesburg now, so it’s stands to reason that at least some Cloverleaf employees would live there, too.
Pritchard tells WGIL he knew Cloverleaf would be coming.

“We were cheerleaders, we were aware of the project and we were cheering Monmouth on, they really didn’t need our help, they were more than able to handle this, obviously.

Pritchard says based on what Monmouth Mayor Rod Davies told him, the timeline with which the project was brought to reality was about right.

“He’ll says that this idea originated about ten years ago, so from his perspective that’s, that’s how long it takes to sometimes get these major projects done.”

Pritchard says yes, that kind of timeline can be frustrating to a resident who may be wondering where the jobs are, or who might think the city is doing nothing to create jobs.  But he says, you just need patience.

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