Knox County Recorder Warns of Scam

The Knox County Recorder’s office says there’s no reason to spend a lot of money to get a copy of your property deed, but apparently some sort of firm is doing just that.
Recorder Carol Hallam says a scam seems to be going around affecting Knox County property owners. In it, she says a letter is being sent to property owners containing the legal address, property I-D number, and assessed value, from a company, quote, “that presents themselves as a local records office.”
Hallam says the letter states that for the cost of 89 dollars, the homeowner can get a copy of their property deed if they need one.
But she says the letter is a scam. Why? Hallam says it’s because you can a copy of your property deed from her office for just 25-cents per page, and most property deeds are only two pages long.
Hallam says if you have any questions, you can contact her office.
She does not say what the name of the company is, nor does she provide any other information, about the firm.

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