Community Gives Library Board Okay to Changes To Schematic Design

The Galesburg community was once again invited to sit down with FEH architects and talked schematic design for the new library.

Residents met with architects last months providing them with a number of changes they’d like to see made, and during last night’s meeting those changes were pointed out.

Residents also got to hear about what the second floor had to offer including ample space for quite reading and studying.

But, resident Naomi Law was curious about how much space there would be for art display and FEH Architect Kevin Eipperle explained they’ve had several discussion on that topic.

“We’ve allowed a lot of room in the main opening space right when you enter, there’s a lot of open width there and while it looks like it’s gonna be open there’s gonna be a lot of things in there, probably low cases, shelving.”

Architect Gregg Baum also said the top floor will have room for art displays including space for three-dimensional art work.

Library Director Harriet Zipfel says she’s interested in having a statue placed outside the new library entrance at some point.

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