Work Still Pending on Nursing Home Kitchen

The work being planned to replace a ceiling in the kitchen at the Knox County Nursing Home should end up saving taxpayers money in the long run.

That’s according to discussion at last night Knox County Board Nursing Home and Landfill Committee meeting. Architect Tony Chinn told the committee the ceiling will be fully replaced after inspections by the Knox County Health Department — not the State as has been previously reported — noted violations.

But Chinn says some of the replacements will make the kitchen more up to date.

“The big item there, as far as cost savings, will be in the electrical bill for the light fixtures,” Chinn said.  “We’re using half the fixtures…75 percent less fixtures, but twice as much lighting will occur at the work surface level.”

An alternate bid will be sought that could make the light fixtures even more energy-efficient, using LED light instead of what’s planned now. The ceiling itself is 45 years old, and there will also be new ceiling tiles and grills for the air vent system.

Bids will now be sought possibly in June, with work beginning in July, so as not to interfere with work starting soon on the parking lot at the Nursing Home.

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