Knoxville School Board Gets Good News Regarding Budget

Knoxville Superintendent Steve Wilder went over the amended budget with the board of education during last night’s meeting.
Wilder explained the revenue and expenses of the high school construction complicated this year’s budget.
However, Wilder tells WGIL when you remove the construction from the equation and just look at the operation budget the district’s in okay shape.

“We’re about $20,000 in defect right now, however, we still got about 6 weeks before all the final revenue comes in and the expenses are finalized and I feel pretty good about being able to minimize, if we can minimize the expenses over the next couple of weeks and revenue comes in about where we expect it too there’s a good chance that we could break even this year.”

Wilder credits the board of education for their part in getting the budget to where it is now.
He says board members had to make some tough decision last spring by reducing some teaching positions, but Wilder says they’ve always been committed to living within their means and the budget clearly reflects their efforts.

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