New Ticketing Software for Orpheum Theatre

Orpheum TheatreSome of the headaches patrons of Galesburg’s Orpheum Theatre may have had in the past trying to buy tickets for various shows may soon be a thing of the past.

That’s because the Knox County Civic Center Authority Board yesterday voted to give Executive Director Kevin Maynard the leverage to purchase a new ticketing system. He says the current system can be quite costly, and thinks purchasing a new system will save money in the long run.

Maynard says it could be much less of a pain trying to buy tickets without having to head to the theatre, based on the two systems he’s looked at.

“Both companies offer integrated Facebook ticketing, which means you can get on our Facebook page, and you will never leave our Facebook page to purchase a ticket,” Maynard said.  “They offer the same kind of integration into a website.  They also sell tickets on their own website.  They have optimized browsers for every [Internet] browser, and tablets, and mobile…I think they call it intuitive design, so that it knows what device is accessing it.”

Maynard says patrons now say they often have problems purchasing tickets online now, and there have occasionally been problems at the theatre ticket office.

Maynard also told the board the security system at the theatre has been upgraded, and they’re working to add wifi access.

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