Prescription Drug Program May Come to Knox County

Knox County SealThe Knox County Finance Committee is sending a recommendation to the full county board to join the National Association of Counties.

That membership, according to County Clerk Scott Erickson, comes with a prescription drug program that he says can greatly benefit residents of Knox County.  Erickson went over the details of a NACO membership with committee members and explained a membership helps out many Knox County residents.

“Basically, as a member of NACO, we are eligible to provide to our constituents, at no cost to them, a drug prescription card,” Erickson said.  “They can pick up the little card.  It’s good at most of the major pharmacy retailers nationwide.  They get a substantial discount on their prescriptions that would not be covered under their normal medical prescriptions.”

The membership would also allow residents to use the prescription card for their pets’ medications.

Erickson says because they County would be joining the middle of the year the cost would be prorated, but he says the benefits of joining really do outweigh the membership fees.

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