Red Carpet Series Announced Soon

The head of the Orpheum Theatre in Galesburg says he wants to make an annual series of performances at the theatre more of a big deal than it already is.

Executive Director Kevin Maynard told the Knox County Civic Center Authority Board yesterday he wants to hold a party of sorts when making the announcement of the Red Carpet Series.

Problem is, Maynard says he can’t announce the next series of shows just yet.

“I have about one contract where we’re just trying to reach…there’s a small detail; it’s not anything that would cancel the show,” Maynard said.  “But, there’s a small detail I want to come to a concrete point on with them.”

Maynard says he’s targeting mid-June for an announcement event — something with refreshments and a screen displaying the types of shows that will be coming.

Maynard also told the board yesterday the security system has been upgraded to the point where it can be controlled with his smart phone if needed.

The board also approved purchasing new ticketing software that Maynard says can help make ticket purchases easier.

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