Unemployment Rates Decline While Labor Force Gains

Both the local unemployment rate and the number of people in the local workforce are both looking positive.
The Illinois Department of Employment Security says the Galesburg-Area Unemployment Rate for April — combining both Knox and Warren County numbers — sits a not-seasonally-adjusted 6.5%, down two full percentage points from the month before.
Approximately 2,100 people in the two counties are listed at unemployed, down about 600 from the revised March figure.
In those two counties alone, state-supplied statistics say the number of people in the labor force is roughly 32,700 — up about 250 from the month before.
In Knox County alone, the April unemployment figure is 6.5%, down two full percentage points, with a little more than 1,500 listed out of work.
Galesburg’s city unemployment rate is at 6.8%, down from 8.3% the month before. 943 are listed as jobless, down 200, while the labor force is also up.
The state says in the Galesburg area, however, in a year-to-year period, Total non-farm payroll was lower, while manufacturing added some jobs.
Four metropolitan areas of Illinois, the state says, are now below the national unemployment rate.

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