Another Galesburg Shooting Has Peacekeepers Feeling Like Their Efforts Have Fallen Short

A shooting Sunday night that still has police looking for a possible suspect brought together members of the Galesburg Peacekeepers.

But unlike most Peacekeepers meetings last night focused on the past, and on a topic they first talked about four months ago.

Peacekeeper Anthony Law spoke about the Neighborhood Watch Group, and even after four months there are still only two active Neighborhood Watch Groups in Galesburg.  Law asked those in attendance how can they ask their neighbors to be part of a community watch if they don’t take the time to get to know them?

“We don’t even talk to our neighbors anymore. We’re losing the community, we’re losing the part, the commune part of our community, we’re not even talking to each other anymore.  So it’s a wonder why this rooms isn’t packed it’s gonna be until we build that community back.”

Law explained there are 50 active duty officers on the Galesburg Police force patrolling a City with a population of 31,000.

According to Law, that means each individual officer is responsible for 630 people, something he says is impossible. But starting things like the Neighborhood Watch Groups are a great way to help.


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