Click it or Ticket Galesburg

This weekend marks the starts of the summer with barbecues, parties, parades and a number of other fun summer activities.
In many cases attending those events means getting into a car and traveling and the Galesburg Police Department wants to remind people to buckle up.
Galesburg Police Lieutenant Russell Idle says it takes a fraction of a second to put your seat belt on and it can significantly reduce your chances of being seriously injured in an accident.
Idle tells WGIL police are making a concentrated effort to make sure motorists are being safe and that they will be issuing citations.

“On the enforcement side we’re gonna have an increased law enforcement presence on the streets, officers will be stopping and citing motorist who don’t have their seat belts on or committing other traffic offenses that create a danger to public safety.”

Idle says it’s a 60 dollar ticket and although it’s not the most expensive ticket it’s still one that can be easily avoided.
He also says if you are driving with a child in the car make sure the seat belt is properly adjusted and if the belts lying across the child’s neck consider they may still need a booster seat.

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