Lawmaker Questions the Questioning of the IHSA

Don MoffittA local lawmaker was part of a House committee questioning the Illinois High School Association this week, but doesn’t think they’ve done much wrong.

State Representative Don Moffitt — part of the House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee — was in on a hearing that questioned a measure requiring the IHSA to be more financially transparent, and would commission a measure looking into the feasibility of transferring the IHSA’s duties to the Illinois State Board of Education.

The IHSA contends they’re already financially transparent, with annual audits posted online, and Moffitt says he think they stated their case well.

“I think the turnout from IHSA was tremendous,” Moffitt said.  “They answered the questions directly and fully, and I think made it real clear they’re responsive to their membership; they’re responsive to the schools they’re representing; and they’re wanting to do things to help kids succeed in Illinois.”

Moffitt says he’s talked with school districts in the 74th District, and none of them have expressed any concern about the IHSA.

Other Republicans said they didn’t get why a non-government organization should get so much legislative scrutiny.

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