Saying Goodbye to Knoxville High School

Residents of Knoxville and past graduates are being invited to look through the hallowed halls of Knoxville High School one last time.
The district is hosting an open house at the old Knoxville High School next Saturday, May 31st from 10 a-m until 2 p-m. Plans are to demolish the old Knoxville High School once construction on the new facility is complete.
District-202 Superintendent Steve Wilder tells the WGIL Evening News the open house came out of the many requests graduates and residents gave.

“People are really interested in the presentation maybe at the new high school, how was it designed and that sorta thing. A lot of people have expressed and interest in just to walk the halls of the old Knoxville High School one more time, so they really won’t be any formal presentations, no speakers or anything like that.”

Wilder says there will be a guest book, and other ways residents and graduates can share their memories of the old school during the open house, which is open to the public.
Wilder says classrooms in the new structure are still on track to be done in August, with work being substantially complete in October.


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