Knox College Surveys Impact of KCCDD on Knox County

Four Knox College students and KCCDD teamed up for a study that KCCDD CEO Mark Rudolph was particular interested in.
Rudolph wanted to know just how much of an impact KCCDD had on the Knox County area, he wanted to know how many people really know about KCCDD.
He says he immediately turned to Knox College to help with an impact study and Knox College student Weston Chenoweth tells the WGIL Evening News he was amazed to find out just how economically important KCCDD is to Knox County.

“KCCDD is the 16 largest employer in Galesburg and they have total economic impact on the Knox County community of over 6 million dollars, I believe it’s 6 million 144, 000 so they have a very large impact on this community and I think it would hurt if they left.”

Chenoweth also points out that a lot of their funding comes from the state of Illinois.
He says that basically means money is being imported into Knox County and then being spent in the community.
Chenoweth says if you remove KCCDD from the community you stand to lose a lot of money and jobs within Knox County.


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