The Class of 2014 Says Goodbye to Galesburg High School

GHS 2014 GRADUATIONIt was a sea of silver and black as the class of 2014 walked into the Auditorium for the last time at Galesburg High School.
It was a proud moment for parents, grandparents and friends of those graduating and for many of the graduates yesterday’s graduation ceremony was a time to be happy and a time for reflection.
Class speaker Desirae Coleman told her fellow graduates their time spent at GHS helped them discover who they wanted to be and how to get to where they wanted to go.
She also spoke about taking the time to reflect on the time spent at GHS, the good times they had, the many bumps along the way and how some unlikely friends pop up along their journey.

“As I turn to walk away, I heard a voice tell the teacher, ‘that was only the 30 second bell she isn’t late’, I looked back and saw Tyson Twitchell smiling at me. I stood there for a second waiting for the teacher’s response, I knew there was no way he was gonna believe that I wasn’t late. ‘Come on she isn’t late, I swear that was only the 30 second bell just let her in, just let her in. I don’t know how he did it but some how Tyson got the whole class to back up his story and save me from a detention.”

Twitchell was killed in a vehicle accident last April and Coleman says although he was not physically at the graduation with the rest of his fellow graduates she believes he was there looking over them.
There were more than 200 student’s who graduated from GHS this year.

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