Carl Sandburg College Adopts New Sexual Assault Policy

A new policy has been adopted by the Carl Sandburg Board of Trustees that is being backed by the federal government.

Dean of Student Success Misty Lyon says the college first heard about the Campus Save Act, last year. Lyon says it’s her understanding that the legislation has not been approved and the legislature is still working on the exact language to be used in the bill.

However, Lyon tells WGIL the U.S. Department of Education wants colleges to get behind the bill.

“The Campus Save Act gave us very specific things that we needed to do,” says Lyon. “One of those was to adopt a policy, we’ve had other policies, but not targeted specifically at sexual assault and violence.”

Lyon says the proposed amendment includes education as well as the creation of ongoing awareness programs for students.

She says the college will be actively working over the year to remind students what they can do to prevent sexual assault either on or off campus.


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