Galesburg Gathers to Remember Our Fallen Heroes

veterans memorial 1Just as the heavy rain began to fall Alderman Wayne Allen thanked the crowed and told them he’d see them again next year.
Allen was giving his thanks to those who braved the rainy weather to pay their respects to the fallen war heroes during the annual Veterans Memorial out at Lincoln Park.
The ceremony was accompanied by the musical stylings of Joyfil Noyz and guest speaker Veteran Jeff Holt.
Holt told those in attendance he went to Hope Cemetery that morning to pay his respects to his fallen brethren when he came upon the grave of an unknown soldier.

“That broke me down more than any drill instructor could the hollering in my face and extra push-ups did not even compare. I sat there a couple minutes and just stared at it. Than I got on one knee and said the Marines prayer out loud. It didn’t matter if the unknown soldier was Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps this was his day and all the other soldiers who had giver their life.”

Holt asked one thing of those in attendance at this year’s ceremony–He asked them to head to their nearest cemetery and spend a few minutes over the grave of one of our nations heroes and thank them for their service.

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