Handgun Located In Weekend Battery Arrest

IL-GalesburgPDGalesburg Police responded to the 200 block of Walnut Avenue Saturday night to a report of domestic battery.

Officers made contact with the victim who claimed her boyfriend had hit her and threatened her with a firearm.

Police identified 31-year-old Andrew Wilkins as the victim’s boyfriend and located the .38 special on the home’s front porch – though the weapon was empty.

According to the police report, both Wilkins and the victim had been arguing about who will watch the children residing in the household.

Wilkins allegedly began throwing things around the bedroom during the argument, at one point turning over the mattress.

After Wilkins allegedly pointed the firearm at the victim she called Wilkin’s father. Upon learning about the call, Wilkins allegedly claimed he was going to shoot his father.

At that point the victim called police. During questioning, Wilkins says he never threatened to kill his father, but he allegedly pointed the firearm at the victim to “prove a point.” The victim provided police with five rounds of ammunition belonging to the firearm during the investigation.

Wilkins is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery.

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