Case Dropped Against Man Charged with Sexual Assault

It doesn’t happen very often, but a judge has dropped a felony sexual assault case against a Galesburg man, accused of having contact with a mentally disabled woman.

Knox County Circuit Court records indicate Judge Scott Shipplett Tuesday found no probable cause for 53-year-old Corray Tiff to be charged with Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault, and Criminal Sexual Abuse.

Shipplett, following a preliminary hearing where Galesburg Police investigators say a client of Bridgeway claimed Tiff had sexual contact with the woman several times earlier this month around May 11th, said he was concerned that the issue of consent hadn’t been raised, and that there wasn’t evidence to suggest a crime had been committed.

That means the case against Tiff is for now dropped.

Police reports indicate the victim was treated at a hospital after reporting the incident to her caseworker.

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