Cannabis Plants Seized on Knox College Campus

IL-GalesburgPDCampus security at Knox College called Galesburg Police Wednesday night after the alleged discovery of several cannabis plants.

The plants were located about 200 feet west of the school’s tennis courts and were mixed in with other plants in a prairie plot. Once officers were on scene, they observed the cannabis – though they were unable to disclose just how many plants were on scene.

Galesburg Police took possession of the plants and placed them in a single plastic bag.

The cannabis discovered was then logged as evidence. According to the police report, the plants weighed in at more than five pounds. A request was made to destroy the plant material though the progress of destroying the cannabis was not immediately available.

Galesburg Police were not willing to speculate on just how the cannabis started growing at the site.

No arrests have been made in the case, but charges of manufacturing and delivery of cannabis are now standing.

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