Galesburg Mayor: Knoxville Welcome in New Economic Development Entity

(Mayor John Pritchard.  File Photo.)
(Mayor John Pritchard. File Photo.)

Galesburg’s top elected official says Knoxville has nothing to worry about when it comes to the new public-private economic development partnership being developed.

Mayor and WGIL owner John Pritchard is addressing concerns raised by Knoxville aldermen that they are not going to be a part of the nine-member board of directors of the new partnership, like they were a voting member of the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association.

Pritchard says Knoxville can still be a paying member of the new organization, and still have a voice. He tells WGIL the new partnership can’t have as board as big as GREDA.

“The [GREDA executive] board was, I think, about 35 board members,” Pritchard said.  “At a board meeting, you really can’t operate as a board.  If you’re going to take up the discussion of any issue, it’s pretty much impossible with that many people.”

Pritchard says a Knoxville representative would be a non-voting member of the board of directors under the new make-up, should they want to join.

That said, he understands Knoxville’s concern. The city of Galva is also a member of GREDA, and Pritchard says they would have a similar non-voting role if they wanted to join.

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