Galesburg Represented on America’s Got Talent

It’s not every day you can turn on the television and see people from your hometown on a national television show.

But for residents of Galesburg that’s exactly what they have to look forward to during this season of “America’s Got Talent.”

Former Galesburg resident Richard Hankas and his dancing partner Ashlee Montague have made it to the next round of the summer talent show and Hankas tells the WGIL Morning News they bring something different to the table.

“We’re training circus arts, so we’re actually mixing classical ballet with circus, hand-to-hand specifically, so she’s actually doing ballet on my shoulders, in my hands, on my head, so we’re really combining two different art forms and making one art form,” says Hankas.

Hankas says before they even get out on stage to perform, they make sure their act is 100-percent.

He says because their act involves Montague to perform on his head, shoulders and in his hands, they have to make sure everything is exact to avoid possible injuries.


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