City Council to Consider Training Grant for Local Manufacturer

Midstate Manufacturing in Galesburg could be on the receiving end of a job training grant.

The Galesburg City Council tonight will consider whether to allocate up to $22,000 for the training that will affect 135 employees at the company.

Midstate Manufacturing was started in 1977 and employs 270 people in Galesburg. The company plans to invest nearly 100-thousand dollars of its own money for the training.

Leadership, welding skills, and blueprint reading will be included in the training opportunities for the employees.

According to City documents, 15 employees will also be hired during the nine month training phase for Midstate Manufacturing’s staff.

Funds spent by the company would be reimbursed after proper documentation for the job training has been completed.

The City has allocated $50,000 for job training opportunities in the economic development fund.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 6:30 at Galesburg City Hall.

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