LaHood Not Pleased with Budget

(2012 WGIL News File Photo)

One local lawmaker has a feeling something many people won’t like, will end up happening anyway now that a state budget has passed.

Republican State Senator Darin LaHood says it’s becoming more and more apparent that a temporary income tax increase, which was never called for a vote due to a lack of support, will get that vote, and the support, following the November election, when some lawmakers may become lame ducks.

On the Senate Floor, the Dunlap Republican read from a newspaper editorial chiding his colleagues on the budget problems.

“The Peoria Journal-Star in their editorial today: Another State Budget, Another Cowards Way Out, Illinois Democrats continue to spend recklessly,” says LaHood.

LaHood is accusing Democrats of taking what they claim is a need to make the tax increase permanent and, in his words, shoving it down the public’s throats.

He claims the Democrats have, quote, “exhibited an abject failure of leadership.”

Seven different bills make up the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget.

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