City of Knoxville Not Ready to Approve Tentative Budget

Knoxville Mayor Bob Johnson says the City is in decent shape and is projecting the fiscal year 2015 budget will be in the black.
However, during last night’s City Council meeting aldermen were informed by Johnson he was not ready to present the budget to the Council.

Johnson says at this time he’s confident with where the city stands financially, and told the Council getting the City to where it is was a collective effort.

“For example the bids on the water and sewer, they won’t come in until the 12, so one of the things about this budget this year, the department heads made a contribution and so did Bock. In other words everybody submitted a budget, that’s a good thing and it won’t take up too long at our next meeting to put it together.”

Johnson says last year the City was operating with $23,000 in the town fund, but he says this year they’re at $75,000, which is a $52,000 dollar increase in funds.

He says at this time the only tax increase the City is looking at will affect the Cemetery and Tort funds.


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