Equipment Purchases Occupy Council Meeting

The City of Galesburg made several vehicle purchases last night that hope to replace an aging city fleet.

It was stated during last night’s City Council meeting that the trucks will support both the water division and the street division. The vehicle purchases totaled more than 300-thousand dollars, but according to the discussion, there are advantages gained from vehicle trade-ins.

First Ward Alderman Ken Goad said he was displeased the vehicle purchases were happening all at once.

Central Garage Superintendent Myron Miller says that for the street division, the trade-ins exceeded $12-thousand for the trucks.

“Part of that is because of the long winter, there were a lot of people that needed to upgrade,” says Miller. “A lot of private carriers will buy the old dumptrucks because they use them less than municipalities so I’m making an assumption, but a fairly accurate one at this time that the market is fairly hot for old, used dumptrucks.

Currently, some trucks are reaching the 15 year mark, but the new truck, at least for the street division, will hope to last the City at least that long.

Aldermen unanimously approved each of the truck purchases.


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