Sheriff’s Department Receives Missing Trash Reports

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about a possible scheme to steal identities.

Several instances have been reported of garbage set on the curb for pick-up being taken by someone other than garbage truck in Knox County.

According to a press release, Orange and Haw Creek Townships – south of Knoxville – have been the primary locations for taking trash. Taking garbage set on the curb for pick-up is not considered Theft under Illinois law.

Often, trash is taken to obtain personal and financial information from a household according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department.

Obtaining that information could lead to identity theft or other types of fraud. Witnesses in the area have reported seeing an older red passenger car leaving the areas, though few other descriptions have come forward.

The Sheriff’s Department is urging residents to ensure any documents containing personal or financial information are properly disposed to prevent identity theft.

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