Rain Wakes Galesburg Up

Mother Nature gave many Galesburg residents one and maybe more wake-up calls overnight, but the weather didn’t cause the problems here it did in other parts of the state.

Storm spotter reports submitted to the National Weather Service indicate Galesburg received 1.71 inches of rain since last night. That total is as of earlier this morning. Farmers have said the pop-up-type of showers received in the last week or two wouldn’t be enough to help growing as the season begins, but were hoping for the type of rain that’s been received overnight.

No storm damage reports are coming in from Galesburg, but forecasters say parts of Henry and Mercer Counties saw some downed tree limbs and other problems from the rains.

Damage was also reported in parts of northern Illinois, but primarily central Illinois and parts of Missouri seemed to have taken the brunt of the storms.

A few days of dry are in the forecast after today, but rain forecast for Saturday could hamper Knox College’s commencement.

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