Crews Work to Take Down Former Galesburg Glass Building

What was once known as the Galesburg Glass Building and the Auditorium is now just a memory as crews work to bring down the building.
Troy Voss and Voss Wrecking out of Altona have been working to take down the building that was heavily damaged during storms last September.
Voss says his crew got involved with the demolition mid-March and says they had to make sure all the utilities were turned off, deal with the City, and make sure they had all the necessary permits before starting demolition.
As the building started to come down many people thought they’d see a spectacle with a building implosion, but Voss tells the WGIL Morning News that was just not possible.

“You can’t control brick as well as concrete it fly half way across town.”

Voss says before they even began to take the building down they had to get inside and make sure they understood what they were dealing with.

“First thing to look at is the structural integrity of it.  See how weak it is, how much abuse it can withstand you don’t want things just falling apart or you don’t want them coming part. Will also look at the roof see how the strength of the main beams and go from there.”

Voss says they’re looking at having the entire building down and area cleaned up before the start of rail road days.

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