Henry County Reports First Illinois West Nile Virus Result

A virus carried in local mosquito populations has made its first appearance in Henry County.

The Illinois Department of Public Health says the first positive bird sample for West Nile Virus was recently reported for 2014.

West Nile Virus is largely dependent on the weather according to the IDPH.

The results were found during a collection period toward the end of May. A positive batch of mosquitos was also reported in Madison County during the same period.

Department of Public Health Director Dr. Lamar Hasbrouck encouraged residents to take precautions.

Simple tricks such as bug repellant and wearing long clothing can be useful to prevent West Nile.

The first positive test for the virus in 2013 was slightly earlier and was seen in 76 of Illinois’ 102 counties.

According to a press release, results are generated from laboratory tests on mosquito batches and dead birds.
Symptoms include fever, headache, nausea, and even muscle aches.

The IDPH says it’s best to follow the three R’s: reduce exposure, repel insects, and report suspected cases.

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