Fundraising Campaign for Orpheum Still in Works

The Knox County Civic Center Authority Board has been working on a fundraising campaign for the Orpheum Theatre.
However, meetings for the fundraising haven’t gone as well as Orpheum Executive Director Kevin Maynard would like.
Maynard and the fundraising committee met yesterday, but he says the meeting quickly fizzled and no real work got done.
He tells WGIL he believes the problem is they’re trying to rebuild a brand new annual fundraising campaign for the Orpheum from scratch.

“Its been a while since there’s been a true annual campaign or just an annual fundraiser, or just a fundraiser  in general for the Orpheum that’s been done on a consistent fashion, so we want to create that so we have something that’s happening every year as well as you know gearing up for our bicentennial which is just two years away.”

Maynard says despite the fundraising campaign not being where he’d like it to be, he say he’s hopeful the campaign will come together.
He says they considered hiring outside fundraising consultants, but were told it would be best to keep the fundraiser in-house.


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