Quinn Campaign Focuses on Rauner's Business Deals

CHICAGO (AP) — Gov. Pat Quinn is delving into a key theme aimed at keeping venture capitalist Bruce Rauner from becoming the first Republican in more than a decade to run Illinois. It’s picking apart the business dealings of Rauner’s private equity firm and how he made hundreds of millions of dollars.

Political experts say the tactic has risks, such as not being able to directly tie Rauner to company decisions and irking businesses.

But Quinn’s campaign says if Rauner wants to run Illinois like a business, it’s fair game. The campaign is now pointing to a company formed by Rauner’s GTCR in 2005 that over the years outsourced jobs overseas. That comes as Illinois struggles to lower unemployment.

Rauner’s campaign calls the approach a “desperate” attack and defends GTCR’s long, successful record.

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