ROWVA Students Use Creativity In Competition

Students at ROWVA found themselves competing at a competition with thousands of other students last month.

The finals for Destination Imagination were held in Tennessee where the students had some relative success.

Destination Imagination is a problem solving and sketch competition that looks to challenge students in the areas of cooperation and creativity.

A main challenge and instant challenge allows the teams to compete on an annual basis.

ROWVA student Montana Carlson tells the WGIL Evening News it’s a little hard to describe the program.

“When you have to think about what it brings to the table, it’s creativity next to math and science, and it’s craziness right next to organization and it’s a wonderful program for all kinds of students,” says Carlson.

The non-profit’s website says students who participate in teams show improvement in creative thinking and problem solving ability.

ROWVA received second place in one of the challenges and placed eighth in another.

Destination Imagination is considered an extracurricular at ROWVA.

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