Student Speaker Offers Thoughts On ‘Freedom To Flourish’

While several esteemed individuals were recognized during Saturday’s Knox College Commencement ceremony, the students also had their chance.

Each year the graduating class selects a member to represent them during the ceremony.

The selection process requires preparation of a video taped presentation which then receives votes from the graduating class.

This year’s speaker was Angeles Garduno, a double major in educational studies with a speciality in special education and Spanish.

She says it was difficult for her, at first, to understand what a common college phrase: “Freedom to Flourish,” meant.

“Freedom to flourish does not mean Knox has always fostered an environment in which we have been able to prosper happily and easily,” says Garduno. “But what it does mean is simple: our motto let’s us know that while at Knox, we have honed and developed an invaluable skills set, one that we will need for the rest of our lives to survive and make it on our own.”

Garduno will return to Galesburg next fall to complete her teaching certification at the high school.

Knox College President Teresa Amott says she’s certain Garduno will inspire her students.

Garduno reminded the class in her address that they completed their studies together.

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