Syrian Native Offers Insight on Conflict

Since tensions began rising in Syria in 2011, the current state of affairs has led to additional conflict.

The Syrian government, under the influence of President Bashar Al Assad is currently being challenged by varying factions.

Death tolls have caused the U.N. Security Council to approve greater access to humanitarian aid in the region in recent months.

Many western nations have strongly condemned actions they believe were taken by the Syrian government in the form of alleged chemical weapons attacks.

Moussa Raei is a former citizen of Syria, but attended Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg. He tells the WGIL Morning News that President Asaad is not what many of the reports have concluded.

“The media, especially the CNN, Al Jazeera they describe him as a monster, but actually he’s not,” says Raei. “The people who were killed in Syria, so far, over 100-thousand, 65 percent of these people are members of security services.”

Investigations were conducted into the use of chemical weapons, but negotiations with Russian officials resulted in the Assad government destroying weapons stock.

Raei says he believes the conflict is an “engineered war.” Family living in Damascus, he says, are able to provide him with updates.

Peace talks in Syria have been relatively unsuccessful thus far, though President Bashar Al Assad was re-elected to another seven year term with more than 88-percent of the vote.

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